February 27th & 28th




Social Science Plaza A, Room 2112


Joerg Oechssler �(University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Imitation – Theory and Experimental Evidence,” (joint with Jose Apesteguia and Steffen Huck) click here

Wei Li �(University of California, Riverside)
“A Model of Gossip” click here

Juan Carrillo �(University of Southern California)
“A Theory of Influence,” (joint with Isabelle Brocas) click here


Vineet Kumar �(University of California, San Diego)
“Rate of Return Dominance in Walrasian Monetary Equilibrium,” (joint with Starr Ross) click here

Luisa Lambertini �(University of California, Los Angeles)
“Is There a Risk-Premium Puzzle?” (joint with Costas Azariadis) click here

Christopher Chambers �(California Institute of Technology)
“Multi-Utilitarianism in two-Agent Quasilinear Social Choice”

*DINNER--SSPB 1208* �

John Wooders �(University of Arizona)
“Auctions with a Buy Price,” (joint with Stanley S. Reynolds) click here

Jinwoo Kim �(University of Southern California)
“Interdependent Value Auctions with Insider Bidders” click here

Stan Reynolds �(University of Arizona)
“Supply Function Equilibria with Pivotal Suppliers,” (joint with Talat Genc)


Mark Johnson �(Arizona State University)
“The Structure and Two Complexities of Economic Choice Semiautomata” click here

Steven Scroggin �(University of California, San Diego)
“Bounded Rationality in Randomization” click here

Igor Kopylov �(University of California, Irvine)
“Subjective Probabilities on ‘SMALL’ Domains” click here


Gary Charness �(University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Group Play in Games and the Role of Consent in Network Formation,” (joint with Matthew O. Jackson) click here

Santanu Roy (Southern Methodist University)
“The Economics of Controlling a Biological Invasion,” (joint with Lars J. Olson) click here

Isabelle Brocas �(University of Southern California)
“Multi-agent Contracts with Positive Externalities” click here


Ichiro Obara �(University of California, Los Angeles)
“The Full Surplus Extraction Theorem with Hidden Actions” click here

Richard Scheelings �(University of California, Los Angeles)
“Spousal Guarantees”

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