Cognition and Color Reading Group

(Winter 2016)

Organized by Kimberly A. Jameson

Ground Rules: Participants can volunteer to lead weekly discussions of published articles. Choice of article is up to the discussion leader, and could include any of those listed below, or any other article focusing on higher-order aspects of color processing (featuring front-end processing issues only when they bear on phenomenology, please). Ideally discussion leaders assume the usual responsibility of summarizing the key findings and the points of interest of an article, and bring in any relevant new results from the literature that bear on the study.

Meeting Time and Place: Time is alternating Fridays from 11:00AM till 12:30. Place is SSPA 2142.
Discussion: Email Kimberly ( to schedule a discussion date and choose an article. Article links provided below indicate unassigned dates (as "???") which will be updated as the schedule fills up.

Please encourage others (students, faculty, etc.) to attend who might find this interesting -- The more, the merrier.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING: The reading materials provided on this page are strictly for personal use for the instructional purposes of this seminar. Materials obtained from this page may not be redistributed or otherwise shared. For sharing purposes please obtain copies of materials from the original copyrights holders. If you are not a member of the Color and Cognition seminar you should not download the materials on this webpage. Thank you for understanding!!!

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Download .pdf for the January 15th meeting (Ali Winkler, UNR)

"VEP amplitudes mirror blue-yellow asymmetry found for color-naming"

Alissa D. Winkler, John Eric Vanston, Nikolai Oh, Michael A. Crognale, Michael A. Webster

Download supplemental material for the January 15th

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