Interim Director

Zyg Pizlo (Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park) studies human and machine vision, 3D shape, symmetry, virtual reality, robotics and problem solving. He's a Falmagne Endowed Chair and Professor of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. His term as Interim Director of the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences began in fall 2019.

Administrative Manager

Joanna Kerner
     2123 Social Science Plaza                                              
     (949) 824-8651 
     (949) 824-3733 Fax

Graduate Director

Louis Narens (Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles) Professor of Cognitive Sciences, and Psychiatry and Human Behavior and Graduate Advisor for IMBS.  Research areas: Measurement theory, foundations of science, decision theory.

Past Directors

        1989-1999  R. Duncan Luce  - Founding Director
        1999-2003  William H. Batchelder
        2003-2017  Donald Saari
  2017-2019 Jean-Paul Carvalho


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