Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences
Buffet Dinner -- Conference on the Evolution of Norms
January 27, 2006


Professor Francisco Ayala, Paul Ehrlich, and Michael Clegg

Professors Allan Gibbard and Duncan Luce

Hana Ayala and Elena Schonfeld

Kimberly Jameson and Jacob Levin

Carole Levin and Professors Elizabeth Loftus and Duncan Luce

Professors Natasha Komarova, Donimink Wodarz
and Michelle Girvan

Carolyn Luce and Karol Gottfredson

Professors Steve Frank, Richard Palais, and Mark Machina

Professor Walter Fitch

Professor Simon Levin

Professors Jonathan Bendor and Duncan Luce

Professors Brian Skyrms, Allan Gibbard and Beth Genne

Executive Vice Chancellor Mike Gottfredson
and Professor Simon Levin

Karol Gottfredson and Lillian Saari

Marina Arseniev

Carolyn Luce

Professors Paul Ehrlich, Michael McBride, Louis Narens and Stergios Skaperdas

Professor William Schonfeld and Professor and Mrs. Ayala